don't do this in germany!

5 Things Not To Do In Germany

Being Unpunctual 


“Five minutes ahead of schedule is German’s punctuality”. Deadlines, appointments, timetables and even dates carry the weight of solemn oaths in Germany.  


Making a spontaneous visit

You should never turn up on a German doorstep unannounced-unless of course you are warning the neighbours that their house is on fire.


Phoning late in the evening

Phone calls after 8pm are considered a disturbance of people’s evening routine.


Parking on the cycle path

Germany may be land of automobiles, but cyclist are now rising in their cities. Car drivers who park on cycle paths might leave with some scratched boydwork.


Disregarding the waste separation rules 

The rules of separating waste in Germany are stricter than most of the world. But stringency pays off because Germany ranks first in the world for cycling. 




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