Everything you need to know about Ausbildung

Get to know what Ausbildung program is about and how you can join the program and start working in Germany. 

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If you prefer a real-world working experience instead of theoretical knowledge, want to work in one of the most developed countries in the world then there is no better option for you than choosing Ausbildung in Germany.

Ausbildung is a special system in Germany which allows students from all over the world to work in German companies as apprentices. The students are getting trained for a profession in a training institute.

Historically, many young people enter the working market in Germany over the apprenticeship system and over 500,00 new apprenticeships contracts are offered every year by various German companies. 

Other than providing entry to German job market, companies offer apprenticeship positions and training in order to save recruitment costs and also avoid the risk of hiring employees with inadequate skills for the job in the future. 

Each year, the number of apprenticeship contracts issued increase and this signals that the program is expanding and more people have the chance to be trained in Germany under Ausbildung and eventually make a successful career path in Germany. 


What is Ausbildung?

In simpler word, Ausbildung is a vocational training program in Germany or Apprenticeship.

Individuals who are accepted into the program are known as an Azubi or Ausbildender, and you will be placed with a German company where you will be on a work placement as an apprentice. At the same time, you will be affiliated with a vocational training school or Berufsschule in the German Language. In this vocational school, you will be attending training classes. 

You will need to attend both places during your time as an Azubi. For example, if you secured an apprenticeship in a restaurant, you have to work for a set number of days and attend school for the rest of the week. In the said vocational training school (Berufsschule), you will study courses related to the industry you currently doing your apprenticeship in. 

You will have to sit for midterms and final exams in the vocational training school. Your final Ausbildung score will include grades from your training company and vocational school. 


Duration of Ausbildung In Germany

The Ausbildung program usually takes around 3 years. Time duration also depends on various factors like your company, department and the vocational training school you are studying at. There are some rare cases where the time period is reduced for 1 or 2 months. 

Requirement for Ausbildung In Germany

In order for you to apply for Ausbildung program there are two (2) requirements that you have to meet: 

Education Requirement

For non-Europeans, minimum requirement for you is school leaving certificate. You have to prove that you finished school as this is the minimum education requirement for applicants for the Ausbildung program. 

Language Requirement

Although the education requirement is simple, there is another requirement that you have to fulfill which is the language requirement. Your training and vocational school will be using German Language, so in order for you to be eligible to apply you need to fulfill the basic requirement or level for the German Language which is at least B1. 

Language is one the most important prerequisite that companies look for because you will be working in a German company and attending a vocational school that will be conducted in German Language too. 

How to apply for Ausbildung?

Assuming you fits all the requirement for the Ausbildung program, you have completed school and have German Language proficiency of B1 then you’re all set to apply for the program. 

First and foremost, you have to prepare your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Your CV should be brief and complete. It should include your education details, work experiences, etc.  

Next is cover letter for your application. This cover letter have to be written in German Language and most of companies will ask for this alongside your CV.

The last one is your school certificates, diplomas or/ and Degrees. All these documents should be prepared in both English and also German Language. You can translate your documents from English to German with our translation service.

Now that you have all these documents, you can start applying or you can get help from us at StudyGermany with the application. We have reliable partners in Germany that will smoothen the process. 


Send and enquiry now, talk to our consultants and we will help you throughout the process. 

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