Ausbildung in Hotel Management

Become a hotel professional in Germany after 3 years of training in German hotels

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If you are interested to pursue a career in hotel and hospitality, this is a good one for you. Drop everything you’re doing and give this article a good read.

Why Ausbildung in Hotel Management?

Why not? If you aspire to carve a career in hotel management in Germany or in Europe, this program is the perfect starting point for you.

Germany is one of the best countries for people who wish to work abroad. Good regulations on workers right and work-life balance, Germany is one of the best place to start a career and absorb as much skills and knowledge as possible.

The three years of training with German hotels will look really good on your resume as the training and working standard in Germany is highly regarded in the world. Safe to say that everywhere you go after completing the program, people will recognize your competency in this field.

What will you work with during those 3 years?

In order to train you to be a well rounded hotel professional, the training will cover every aspect of hotel management. 

Kitchen work: the salad as a starter, potatoes as a main course and ice cream as dessert – as a hotel manager you not only know the menu by heart, but also help with the preparation in the kitchen. Of course, the prevailing hygiene regulations are observed.

Restaurant work: Guests are advised on the choice of dishes, recommended the dish of the day and the right red wine to go with it. In addition, you serve the dishes, bring the bill and collect the money. If the hotel has a terrace or a beer garden, they will also look after the guests there. Care is taken to ensure that every guest is taken care of and that the outdoor facilities are always in presentable condition.

Housekeeping: Dusting, changing the beds and stocking the bathroom with toiletries – cleaning work, better known as housekeeping, is also part of the day-to-day work of a hotel manager. Among other things, she has to ensure that the rooms are clean before new guests move into them.

Reception: Carrying out the check-in, informing about breakfast times and explaining the way to the room – typical tasks of a hotel manager when he or she is assigned to the reception. In addition, they are familiar with the hotel software, where the room reservations are stored and answering telephone inquiries is also part of this area.

In the office : Have there been any reviews of the hotel that I would like to comment on? Behind the scenes of the hotel you have to take care of organizational and administrative tasks. This includes accounting and human resources.

What's the next step after Ausbildung in Hotel Management?

Work in hotels in Germany

Upon completion of your three year Ausbildung period, normally hotels will offer you a permanent position in their hotel. You can accept the offer or even apply to work in other hotels across Germany/Switzerland using your Advanced Diploma. 


Further full time Bachelor Degree in Germany

You can also choose to further your studies in Bachelor’s Degree upon completion. Some universities accept your Advanced Diploma as a requirement to start your Bachelor’s Degree. 


Further your study and work with Dual (work-study) Programmes

Other than furthering your studies full time, there are universities that offers you dual (work-study) programme, and with an agreement with your company you can work and study at the same time for your Bachelor’s Degree. 

What are the requirements?

Completion of high school:

To apply for Ausbildung program, you are required to complete your high school as a minimum requirement. If completed your SPM/O-Level/IGCSE, you are halfway there! 


German Language level B2:

Another requirement is to have a minimum B2 Level in German Language. You have to learn and get certified before applying.

How and Where to start Ausbildung in Hotel Management

Do your research about Ausbildung:

First of all, you have to do your research on Ausbildung so you know which area of training is suitable and you’re interested in. There are plenty of companies in Germany offering Ausbildung positions so you have plethora of information to work with. 


Start learning German Language:

Now the next step is to learn German Language. You have to start from A1 Level up to B2 Level and then sit for B2 Certification Examination. We at StudyGermany provide classes from A1 to B2 Level with multiple mode of study that can fit everyone’s schedule. Check out of German Language Programme here.


Book a consultation with StudyGermany:

If you want to make things easier, book a consultation with us! Our education consultations are highly experienced and will guide you throughout the whole process. 

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