Become a nurse in Germany now under Ausbildung in Nursing

Nursing has become a wanted job across the globe and Germany is no exception to the case of wanting more nursing professionals in their country. Their 200-year old system Ausbildung is one of the way for them to train new nurses for their industry needs. Read this article to know more about how to pursue your dream of migrating and working in nursing industry in Germany. 

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What is Ausbildung?

Ausbildung is a form of Dual Vocational Training (DVT) where the students attend vocational school/ college and work simultaneously, earning a regular income in the process. With Ausbildung, you will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge needed to prepare you for the working field.

What are the criteria needed to become a nursing apprentice in Germany?

If you want to start your career in Germany as a nurse in Germany, becoming an apprentice or Azubi in nursing is the perfect step. This is because you cannot do Bachelor in Nursing in Germany until and unless you are a permanent resident of the country. 

To apply for the Ausbildung program in Germany, you only need a pass percentage in 12th-grade and a German Language proficiency of B2. 

If you are a school leaver, you only need to learn German Language and you’re good to go! 

Duration and Fees for Ausbildung

Because of the unique apprenticeship system of Ausbildung, there is no training fee that you have to pay during the duration of the training. On top of that, you will be paid a training allowance throughout the program. 

The whole training will take around 3 years. You will be gradually train with all the skills require for the industry and at the end of the 3 year period you will sit for a state examination and that will by passing that you can further your career even further in the nursing industry. 

Salary for Ausbildung in nursing

Now that you know you will be getting paid, let’s talk about salary or allowance during the training. Be mindful that during the 3 years period, your salary won’t be as much as an established nurse because you are still considered as an apprentice. 

For the first year your allowance is around 1100 EURO, and gradually increase on the second year to 1200 EUROS and by the third year your allowance will be around 1300 EURO. You also can earn more if you are assigned to night shifts or public holiday shifts. You are also eligible to earn overtime allowance. 

Path after Ausbildung & How to Apply?

Now that you’re here after 3 years of apprenticeship in Germany, where to next? 

There are multiple path you can take afterwards but all of them will lead to a good future. 

As someone who completed their apprenticeship in nursing, you are allowed to stay in Germany and work in the country. You can finally start to pursue your career path in Germany as a nurse and your salary will be significantly higher now compared to your time as an apprentice. 

Or, you can opt to further your studies by taking up a nursing degree. 

Start now and make your way as a nurse in Germany! 



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