Cost Of Living In Germany

We break down the cost of living in The Land of Ideas for you

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Is Germany an expensive country to live in?

The short answer is “No”. It is understandable that when you are considering to move to a new country, living costs is one of the major factor influencing your decision.

In this article we will share the details about the living cost in Germany

In comparisons to the average cost of living in Europe, Germany is not considered expensive. Of course your budget will depend on where you live and your lifestyle too. If you live in a lavish apartment in the center of Munich, your budget will be higher than a flat-share in Berlin, for example.

What is the cost of living in Germany?

Like in every other country, the cost of living varies with the type of lifestyle of the person. Typically it would be hard to get by in Germany for less than €1000 a month, and this cost rises to around €1500-€2000 in cities or places where the rents are higher.

For students, they can get by for around €850 a month. Food and drinks are average price wise compared to other European countries, and travel is fairly affordable too. 

Average living expenses (for non-students) is around €1200 but location is a factor that heavily affect this. 

Breakdown of living cost in Germany (per month)

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