Pathway to Germany after SPM/O-Level/IGCSE Part 2

What are your options, pathways and how you can make Germany as your next destination after high school. 

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Now that you’re here, you have surely set on which path you are taking for Germany. Whether it’s vocational or academic path, both are promising for your future. If you missed on the first part of this article you can read more about two type of pathways to Germany here 

How and Where do I start?

Regardless of which pathway you choose to go to Germany (Ausbildung or Academic path) , the one thing that you absolutely need is German Language certification. You can’t expect to speak English, Mandarin, Malay, Indonesia, or Tamil in a country where their language is the second most spoken in Europe right?


Most of the programs in Germany requires atleast B1 or B2 German Language proficiency. You can learn more about the different levels of German Language proficiency here. This one is the most important requirement as German Language medium of communication in lectures and interaction in Germany.


For Ausbildung candidates, your language proficiency requirement heavily depends on the industry you are applying to. For less technical related industries for example hotel, culinary, or baking, some companies only requires you to have B1. For more technical related industry, companies requires you to have B2. Upon completing your language certification, you’re all set and you can apply to companies for apprenticeship!


For academic pathway, your language requirement depends on the requirement of your university and the program that you’re taking. If you are planning to take German Language based degree program, the German Language requirement might be B2 or C1. For English based degree program, the requirement might be a little lower. You can always check the language requirement before applying to the program. 


For academic path, there are two different preparation path you can undergo, The A-Level Pathway and the Freshman Pathway. Below are the simple illustration of the two pathway


Duration: 39 Months


Duration: 27 Months

To simplify , the steps you have to take is as follows:

1. Check language requirements for program of your choice
2. Learn German Language
3. Undergo preparation program
4. Start your journey in Germany!

If you’re still not clear about it, you can get in touch with our consultants for free consultation! We also provide German Language classes and preparation for both academic and Ausbildung.

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