Pathway to Germany after SPM/O-Level/IGCSE

What are your options, pathways and how you can make Germany as your next destination after high school. 

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Options after SPM/O-Level/IGCSE in Germany

After looking around and stumbling upon the many advantages of going to Germany, you have decided that Germany is the destination for you but the question is what program or pathway that you can take?

There’s actually TWO different pathway that you can pursue and both have their own unique benefits. The two pathways are the Vocational Path (Ausbildung) and the Academic Path (University Degree) 

Vocational Path & Academic Path in Germany

Vocational or Academic? That sounds really confusing to be honest. To make it simple, vocational path (Ausbildung) enables you to work and train as an apprentice in Germany while academic path is where you undergo your undergraduate studies same with any other countries but you do not have to pay tuition fees!

Let’s start with you people who are interested to go abroad but prefer a hands-on learning method instead of planting your face with books all day long. For you, the German government designed the Ausbildung program. It is a Dual Vocational Training system whereby you spend 70% of your time working in a company and another 30% going to training school for the theory. All of this while getting paid in the process. What is even more interesting is that there are multiple amount of fields you can choose to do your apprenticeship/training in. You can do hotel management in German hotels, you can learn baking and pastries, you can be a logistic officer, you can take up nursing in Germany, you can learn culinary or work in a German restaurant, and the list goes on and on. Interested? You can read more about Ausbildung here.

Now let’s move on to the next pathway, the academic path. Designed for you seekers of knowledge from books and lectures, the future academics, the bookworms. We know that there are multiple study destinations that you can choose other than Germany but let’s start with the one fact that will seal the deal for you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE CENT FOR TUITION FEES. Yes, you read it right! German universities don’t charge you for tuition fees regardless of your nationality, gender, race, religion or anything at all. But remember this applies to only public universities! Here are the top 10 universities in Germany, who knows one of it might be your future alma mater . 

Like any other countries, you are required to do a preparation program, and Germany is not an exception. Check our faster, more comprehensive program with guaranteed admission to German Universities, the German Pre-U Hybrid Program.

Let’s take a break first and we will continue with the first step you can take and where can you go to take the first step to The Land of Ideas (Germany of course) in Part 2

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