“As a student who failed his A levels, I was desperately looking for any other way to get a chance to study abroad, more specifically in Germany. That dream was realized by, no other than Mr. Azlan (no not the lion from Narnia). Study Germany provided me a second chance to get into the German higher education system. Study Germany trained me so that I would be ready when I continued my studies there. Not only that, if you are really interested in furthering studies in Germany but do not have the slightest idea of how to accomplish it, then Study Germany is your best option as it provides various types of programmes to get you into a German University or an applied Science University (yes there are two main types of universities in Germany not to forget the other types which are not considered the main). The programme also helps you find your own way through your bachelors programme depending on which course you like. Mr. Azlan’s guides really helped me a lot. I also got to learn more about things like how the education system works in Germany, how to fit into a new German system and also how to adapt into a new system. The kind of information is really hard to come by, but with Mr. Azlan to back you up you have no need to be worried. So I started to study my German at the Study Germany centre. It’s a nice cozy environment to learn how to read, write and speak the German Language properly. The German teachers that Mr. Azlan provides are excellent in teaching German. By joining the centre, day by day I was getting more accustomed to everything German, which is very important if you are going to further your studies in Germany. To wrap it all up and tie it with a bow, Study Germany provides opportunities which are not so easy to get and with a person like Mr. Azlan by your side it is safe to say that your future is secured (that is if you do not slack off in your studies……….).”

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