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During our fruitful years of preparing the students we have received rich and important experience. We are always open to share every students experience and we want to welcome you to join us!

As an SPM leaver, I had wondered, how I willI get to study abroad with less cost as possible. The answer: Germany. After answering the first question, I needed to get assistance from a specialised institution that can help me spread my wings to Germany. After some research, I got the answer. Study Germany! Study Germany has helped to pursue my studies here in Germany. I was greeted by Mr Azlan and Mr Hurairah who showed me two potential education paths (Ausbildung and Freshman Year Programme). I chose Freshman Year Programme. I soon started joining language classes under Study Germany which was very easy to understand as I got a solid grasp of the language from the very beginning. They also assisted me by helping me to prepare for my entrance exam which was quite difficult at first. Thanks to all help from the teaching force at Study Germany, I passed my entrance exam with flying colours and received an offer letter from Freshman Institute in Geilenkirchen. Now, I’m embarking a journey full of excitement here in Germany. I absolutely recommend all students out there who are interested in studying abroad, particularly in Germany, to sign up with Study Germany!

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I had a great time in SG, learned German there and now I am in Germany working while studying which is the Ausbildung in Germany. When I first came here (Germany) I was excited plus a tad bit worried because this was my first time being far away from my family. Nevertheless, I managed to adapt and the whole experience was fun and exciting… to know new people and their culture. I’ve got this chance because SG helped me🙆🏻♀ Thank you SG!
Cr: Joycee🐣

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Hi everyone, I took a German language class at Study Germany for about 6 months and I was very impressed and highly satisfied with the service that I've received because I've successfully managed to obtain a B1 certificate from Goethe which allowed me to do my Ausbildung in Germany. My teacher, Sir Ihsan, kept the class engaging and the pace was perfect. He knew his teaching materials well and more importantly; he knew how to convey German language concepts perfectly to beginners like me. Also, I learned not only the language but also about the German culture as my teacher had actually lived there for a period of time and told us his first hand experience. Besides that, the office staff were very professional, friendly and helpful.I highly recommend Study Germany to anyone wishing to learn German and further their studies in Germany. LG, Loh

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Morning dew has always left me wrapped in layered T-Shirts and thick Santa socks. If I awake enough, a cup of Rooibos Vanilla Tea would warm me while I enjoy the white cloudy hills and frosty bits. It’s beautiful and cold (not going to lie). I learned a new language, sat for three different levels of exams and left my home at the age of 31 to seek new adventures. It sounds crazy and unbelievable right? I did too, even right at this moment. It has been such a wild ride but I’d take that chance anytime, any day. Starting from the bottom again, being absolutely clueless about most of the things and not being able to express myself properly should make me super nervous and scared, but so far, it has been fun. Learning new things are exciting since there is no time limit for new experiences and additional knowledge. Though the food (my guilty pleasure) here is incomparable to our beloved Malaysia, I found new gems that I am grateful for: my colleagues and my boss (super duper nice and I’m lucky), my schoolmates, my teachers, my housemates and the people in Cochem. Helpful and understanding – those words describe them the best. InsyaAllah everything will be fine and with God’s will, all the hard work will pay off. With that, I’d like those who worry about taking the first step, to take a deep breath and gather your courage because it’ll be worth it. Signing off to more brighter and warmer days, Nena Yusoff 🙂

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Liebe Grüße aus Apolda!
It's been more than a month since we arrived in Germany. Thank you Study Germany for giving me and my friends a head start in starting our vocational training (Ausbildung) in Germany. The extra help in language classes that we got from SG teachers helped us to survive and communicate well with the locals. We received a lot of praises regarding our German language, especially when they know that we've only done the intensive course for such a short time. Even though we're no longer in Malaysia, we'd still receive consultation and help from the staff of SG. I hope more people can get the same opportunity as I did. Herzlichen Dank! LG Luq

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