why germany is the perfect place for engineering students.

Engineering is the most popular course for international students in Germany. Why? When people speak about Germany, the few things that comes to mind are their modern road, technologies, and machines. German engineers are also high-regarded and sought after in the industry. This is the result of forward-looking methodologies, hands-on study programs, and excellent teaching staff in the German engineering universities.



 High Quality Education System

Students  in Germany learn not only from lectures and classes, but also from lab works, internships, projects and part-time work at companies. 


Wide Variety of Engineering Field 

Engineering itself is a broad term and field which includes countless discipline and as time and technology develops, more  study areas are being discovered and most of the time Germany is in the forefront of it. 

As a leader in the field, engineering universities in Germany provides the wide variety of innovative engineering degrees. Some of the courses are: 


1) Mechanical Engineering

2) Automotive Engineering

3) Biomedical Engineering

4) Enviromental Engineering

5) Data Engineering 

6) Nano Engineering

7) Aerospace Engineering

8) Mechatronics

9) Medical Engineering 

10) Communication and Information Engineering 


Study in a country that is the prime exporter of machineries and industrial equipment 

Germany is the leader in the machinery and industrial equipment. Their manufacturing industry began during the industrial revolution and by the 1890s, Germany took the lead in steel-production and manufacturing industry in europe. Germany is also highly regarded in the automotive industry. Car companies such as BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen are all native German companies and they continue to lead innovation and standard in the industry. 

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