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Where should i study engineering? and why Germany is the answer

From luxury sport cars to advanced machineries, there is no doubt that German engineering and their advancement in the field is very well known. Having that in mind, you should not be surprised that German is one of the most coveted destinations for students in engineering field. So why you should join onboard the German engineering hype-train? There are a few reasons why and we’re gonna make sure by the end of this article you have only one destination in mind to study engineering, Germany. 



High quality education system due to close relationship between university and industy in Germany.

Education system is different in Germany, and their engineering field  is no exception to it. The main core of their education philosophy is the close relationship between industry and university. This approach is taken to ensure that their engineering students learn things that can be practically used in the industry and learning things that are still relevant in engineering field at the moment. Technological advancement in the industry will effect what students learn as they are being thought about the latest and greatest technology that the industry is using. 

Rather than just reading books, listening to lectures, and attending exams, students are exposed to learning by doing lab works, internships, projects, and part-time work at companies. 

You can choose from a wide variety of engineering field.

There are more than 3600 engineering Bachelor’s degree courses are being offered in Germany including around 1600 Master’s degree courses. From Aerospace engineering for future planetary travel to  Renewable Energy, there is certainly a rich study choice. 

Study in the country that is the prime exporter of machineries and industrial equipement, Germany.

Industrial equipment and machineries is one of the biggest field in Germany. Each town and city is powered and drove by the industry in that particular location. Because of the heavy needs of manpower for these industries, there is a constant need new, creative, and innovative engineers to maintain these achievements. For this reason, German is constantly recruiting new and young professional. Build up your future Engineering career in Germany by starting your Bachelor’s degree in engineering with our German Hybrid Pre-University Program.

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