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Study Germany was first established in 2011 under MaazTech Group Sdn. Bhd. As the education arm, it was newly incorporated in 2018 to provide study consultation, German language courses, extensive consultation to university admissions, as well as other forms of assistance in enrolment. Acknowledging the importance of education, Study Germany focuses on promoting Germany as the country of choice in studying Foundation courses to PhD, as well as vocational training.

As opposed to other profit-driven entities, we see ourselves as a window to the “Land of Ideas”. Our personal and professional experience as German alumni, blended with values and qualities offered in Germany, we not only prepare students scholastically, but also holistically. Having first-hand experiences at being foreign students, we are able to better prepare our students to survive and succeed in Germany.

With high quality practice of a free education system, this value-for-money package is not to be missed! Study Germany is definitely the reliable partner to accompany and help you along your route to Germany.

Director’s Note

Herzlich Wilkommen bei Study Germany!
Having the privilege to experience a world class education at minimal cost first-hand has given me the eccentric perspective that anyone can have access to a top tier education system especially if the transition is seamless, enriching and enjoyable.

Motivated to contribute back to fellow Malaysians who have the ambition to pursue their studies abroad, Study Germany was first set out in 2011 under MaazTech Group Sdn. Bhd. to fill the void of the less fortunate.

Aiming to help fellow students, we at Study Germany Sdn. Bhd. are committed in building our reputation through a continuous process of evolution and development. This is reflected in the recruitment of our professional and capable team, our resources and the quality of our learning programmes.

We pride ourselves as being the gateway for students to be able to achieve greatness and rest assured, we have the student’s best interest at heart!



Welcome Note

As co-founder of Study Germany, it gives me great pleasure to pen down a welcoming note in the new interactive and user-friendly website. Indeed 2020 was a tough year for the country especially in the education industry. As a team, we at Study Germany look at this scenario as an opportunity to strengthen our services, further improve our products and chart new cooperation with the best established institutions in Germany. We aim to deliver the best value and education for our students.

Since the inception of Study Germany, we believe that people are the key pillar of our growth. Moving forward, talent development initiatives are geared towards cultivating a workforce that is fully engaged and aligned with the company’s aspirations.

Our success would not be possible without the contribution of our students and parents who put their utmost trust in us. Our sincere appreciation for our dedicated team who has shared the incredible journey thus far. We look forward to serving you with our best efforts to exceed expectations

Thank you for taking the time to visit Study Germany’s new website.



We aspire to become an acclaimed institution in Malaysia that would bridge and facilitate incoming students and assist them in their dreams of pursuing higher education in the “Land of Ideas”.


We are dedicated in providing advice, guidance and assistance to potential and current students who seek higher education, regardless of their social or financial background.

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